Orthodontic Treatment with Clear Aligners

June 13, 2018

Like traditional braces, clear aligners are designed to move teeth a little at a time. The aligners are plastic replicas of your teeth. Wearing them puts gentle pressure on the teeth, ever-so-slightly repositioning them.

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The Dog Ate My Retainers

May 16, 2018

The working theory is that dogs are attracted by the smell of the materials from which retainers are made, as well as saliva. With their powerful jaws, dogs can render retainers useless in no time.

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Will My Teeth Stay Where My Orthodontist Moved Them?

April 11, 2018

While small changes after treatment concludes are normal, retainers prevent teeth from going back to their original positions.

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Why should I take my child back to the orthodontist for observational visits?

February 28, 2018

Observational visits allow your orthodontist to keep an eye on how your child’s teeth, face and jaws are developing. These visits allow your orthodontist to monitor changes as your child grows.

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If my front teeth are straight, why should I be concerned about how my teeth fit together?

February 21, 2018

Even if your front teeth are straight, there can be a problem with how all your teeth fit together – a problem that can be bad for your overall oral health.

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What Is An Impacted Tooth?

February 6, 2018

An impacted tooth either has not come in when expected or a tooth that cannot erupt because it does not have room or may be coming in the wrong direction or position.

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Why Do I Need an Orthodontist?

December 22, 2017

Working together with your orthodontist, orthodontic treatment can yield life-enhancing results: better function (biting, chewing, speaking), improved appearance and increased self-esteem.

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What if I’m Too Busy for Orthodontic Visits?

December 8, 2017

Advances in technology have allowed six to ten week intervals between orthodontic appointments that fit even the busiest of schedules.

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